Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out with the with the new...

The wrapping paper is gone. The cookies have all been eaten (or thrown away, when everyone was SO over cookies). The stockings are strewn about the floor. The laundry is taking over. The lighted deer is tipped over on his head in the yard (actually, ours has been like that for a few days...)

The party is over.

And so the new year begins. Full of new adventures and opportunities. Full of potential and promise. So many ways to make it great.

We started our morning (later than I meant to...oops) with pancakes shaped like the numbers "2009". FYI - "2"s are the absolute hardest to flip.

Last night I told the kids we were going to have 2009 pancakes for breakfast. After giggles and jokes about not being able to eat that many pancakes (ha!) Tater asked, very seriously - "How can you do that?"

To which I replied - "Because I am AMAZING!"

And without skipping a beat, he said - "No you're not."

Ouch. Puts a bit of a damper on all of the "I can do anything" vibe of the New Year. But I will rise above it. I think.

I did manage the pancakes - despite my apparent lack of amazingness. So I am game for anything!

Hope it was and will be great for you all, too!

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