Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you doing it?

Today, in honor of Feel Your Boobies Week, I am giving a shout out (well, a whimper out to my imaginary audience) to Feel Your Boobies.

I know the founder, Leigh Hurst, from Ladies Who Launch. And I proudly have a FYB magnet on my car (which attracts lots of attention!)

Leigh started Feel Your Boobies when feeling her own helped her detect early breast cancer when she was only 33 (!) She made t-shirts for her friends with the irreverent statement "Feel Your Boobies" and they took off. Now she is spreading the word and encouraging young women (and those of us who wish we were young enough to be in her target demographic) to be familiar with their own bodies and know when something is not quite right.

I love all of her marketing tactics including the great graphics, cool t-shirts, and my favorite, The Boobies Bus. She even did a Boobies at the Beach tour this summer including planes flying along the beach with FYB banners. Too cool.

FYB is currently in the running for a MySpace Impact Award - so if you are a MySpace member (I became one so I could vote) please give a click to Leigh and her great cause.

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