Monday, October 6, 2008

By Golly - It really works!

I knew Cream for Extra Crunchy Kids worked on my Sprout. Crunchy legs turned un-crunchy. Itchy back turned un-itchy. Dry as a desert kid turned cuddly (well, she was already cuddly...but she got softer).

I knew it worked on other kids. I have testimonials and reviews that say so.

But last night, Tater had a red, scaly itchy spot on his leg. It had been there for a few days, I put some hydrocortisone on it, thinking it was a rash of some sort. Not really thinking, I guess. It wasn't looking any better. So, I finally realized - try the cream, silly!

And in the morning, no scaliness, no itchiness, much less redness. I put some more on this morning, and at bedtime, just a little pink, but smooth. Holy moly - it worked!!

I should have taken before and after pictures!! Rats!

Got any crunchiness going on at your house? You might want to try this. Remember, money back guarantee - I promise. If you don't like it - send it back!

Of course I have to say here that none of the Stuff for Sprouts products are medicated, and no medical claims are being made here. Your results may vary. But they might be the same...who knows!!

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