Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is Good

Love this brand. Love, love, love it.

There is a whole store of it here in Stone Harbor and we have been there at least four times in the past four days.

Mike has four shirts (two purchased on this trip). Me, too. The kids now each have two. And I long for more (of course, this is a consistent theme that doesn't necessarily only apply to Life is Good products).

Perhaps a sticker for the car? A cute little bag? Hoodie? Thermal? As their product line expands, so does my need for more and more...

Despite the fact that one part of me feels like a suburban stereotype, the rest of me gets all caught up in the feel-goodness of it all.

Tonight the whole family was wearing Life is Good wear - all of us wrapped up in cottony-soft optimism.

Life really IS good.

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