Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, hello there...

I just sent a newsletter to 477 people (!) Some of these people might come here to visit the blog. Some of these people (many of them, in fact) signed up for the newsletter in hopes of winning the big prize(s) to be awarded on November 4th to one lucky subscriber.

Those people have never heard from me before.

So, if you are one of those people, let me say - Welcome, new friends!

Thanks so much for taking the extra effort to click on over here and see what is up in the world of
Stuff for Sprouts!

Stuff for Sprouts is near and dear to my heart - named after my own Sprout and used in our household to keep the crunchies at bay. Shared with all of you so you can treat your sprouts, and yourselves, to great natural products that don't take themselves too seriously. Because chock-full-of-natural-goodness can still be fun!

If you wanted to try some products, that would be so totally great! We do have a money-back guarantee - so if your "stuff" isn't as great as you hoped it would be, send it on back. No hard feelings. (BTW - no one has sent anything back so far...knock wood...cross fingers)

If you want to just hang around a while and get to know us a little better, that's cool, too.

If you are just in this for the prizes, I totally respect your honesty and focus on the goal. You should take a picture and enter it in the Campaign Trail Contest - excellent odds of winning there since I am the only entrant so far :(

Whatever your reason for being here - thanks! And come on back...I appreciate an audience. Despite the therapeutic effects of journaling to myself, it is much more fun when other people read along!

All the best!

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