Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to School

Does it horrify anyone else that the stores are already talking about going Back to School?

We just got an entire catalog from Land's End of backpacks and lunchboxes (of course Sprout and Tater were all over it...picking out high-end versions of each).

The displays are starting to go up in my beloved Target of school supplies and fall clothes.'s July. Early July.

School doesn't start for 2 months!! I haven't even psyched myself up to buy a new bathing suit and they will be all gone. What's the rush?

But there is a good school-related summer activity that you can participate in and potentially make a big difference for your school (when school is back in...months from now).

I am sure you are familiar with the Boxtops for Education program. Our school collects the boxtops every year. I have to admit that I am not a full-on participant...I want to be, but I am not paying attention to the details when I am throwing things away and I hardly ever remember to take the little box top things off. I am thinking that one of our summer projects could be to make some sort of box to collect the boxtops I will remember in my haste to get rid of the trash and rescue those little box top logos...

Anyway...collect the boxtops and your school gets cash for lots of good stuff.

BUT - this summer/fall it gets even better! Kimberly Clark is doing a big Sweepstakes and the winning school will get 100,000 boxtops of credit (equivalent to $10,000!) AND a concert by Jordan Pruitt (who I only know because my kids were mildly obsessed with "Jump In" for a while and her name is on several songs on the soundtrack).

You can register and vote for your school here. You can come back and vote daily until September 15th. The winner will be chosen at random and their school will get the big prizes.

And then who would be the coolest mom in town?

Well, still me. But you'd be good, too. :)

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