Saturday, July 12, 2008

Did I have a wagon?

I fell off the caffeine wagon.

I stayed off caffeine for almost an entire week. It wasn't too bad. The headaches only lasted a day or so.

I drank a lot of water (which I do drink anyway) and a lot of unsatisfactory other diet drink options: Crystal Light, Sprite, Root Beer. And still the Diet Coke called to me...and the Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee.

And decaf versions didn't cut fact they made me feel worse. Like my system was frantically searching for the caffeine and NOT happy that it wasn't finding any. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!

So I caved. And now I feel more like me. Whew.

I have cut back though. The first large iced coffee threw me into shakes for half a I scaled back. Smaller sizes, less frequent, half-caf versions.

I don't smoke. I rarely drink. I don't eat (much) junk. A girl has to have some vice. This one seems minor.

But now I am considering vegetarianism...

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