Friday, July 25, 2008

The Name Game

When I was growing up I was seldom called by my first name. I was Wemmie, or Pinkie, or Ace. The neighbors actually thought for some period of time that my name was Petunia, and they felt sorry for me.

My brother was Jake the Snake (and no, his name isn't Jake), and Moo. He briefly had an alter ego called Skippy.

And now I have a daughter that I call Sprout or Lou, or Louisa, or Fredericka (the female of "Ready Freddy") or Julia (as in "Jump in Julia"). And a son that I call Tater, or Bear, or Mr. Bear, or Mr. Potato Head.

And they answer to them all.

My mom used to make up words (probably still does) and I didn't realize they were made up words. Ever heard of "greeblies"? I have.

And now I have perpetuated this made-up language legacy into my business. Stuff for Sprouts. Crunchy Kids.

Welcome to my world. Fun, isn't it??

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