Monday, July 14, 2008

The Start of Something New?

I have started another blog over here to get started on my next venture. Short attention span...need new things all the time!

My friend, Esther, and I are working on a weekly newsletter with a plan for fun things to do with your kids each day. I know I would have signed up for such a thing if it existed before this summer. We are planning to model it after The 6 O'Clock Scramble, which we have already established is a very good thing.

Anyway, I am giving the idea (in it's roughest possible form) a spin this summer. And so far, it is completely awesome to have a ready answer to "What can we do now?"!

I am also doing some freelance work this month. Real grown-up type work. I hope I remember how!

I just signed up for a service that promises to bring 30,000 people to Stuff for Sprouts. I am curious to see how that works (if you are one of those 30,000 people - welcome!)

So - many irons in the fire...hope there are no burns!

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