Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Even more love...gotta love the love...

Who knew there even was a Wresting Addicted Mommy's Blog?

Love the Mommy Bloggers. Maybe I should be a Mommy blogger? I mean I AM a Mommy...and I am now a blogger. Perhaps if I blogged about all things Mommy (that I know about) floods of traffic would come my way...

Not that I don't appreciate those of you who do. But as usual, I want MORE.

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Gina said...

Thanks for the blog love.. I didn't know you had a blog till you visited mine lol.

I'll add this to my review so maybe some more will visit your own blog as well ;)

Petula Wright said...

She's great, isn't she!? Yes, the traffic thing can sometimes be a mystery... do you have Entrecard? I'll have to scroll down and see.

BTW: First I heard of your products and they sound fab!