Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making stuff

Today was a manufacturing day. Well, I am not sure you would call it manufacturing, more like making stuff. A little lower tech and smaller scale that "manufacturing".

I finished packing up samples that will be handed out to kids aboard Kiddie Cruises in NY Harbor.

I made a bunch of Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers. Chocolate, yum!

I made a bunch of prototypes for what I hope will be Hangnail Helper for Funky Fingers. What do you think? Cute? Or weird? These are all natural oils in a little roll-on applicator that kids (and grown-ups) can use on cuticles to keep hangnails (and hopefully the resulting picking and nail biting) away. 100% natural. If you send me an e-mail I will send you one to try. It won't be labeled, but I would love some testers!

Can't use the dog. That would be wrong. No animal testing.

I also updated the Stuff for Sprouts press page with all of the recent reviews. Tried to figure out why the content of this blog isn't coming up in Google results (no resolution there).

And paid bills. That part wasn't fun. Because if you'll remember, accounting sucks.

All in all, a fairly productive day. And it's only 3:23!

Time to take a shower (yeah, didn't get around to that yet - or the walk I was going to take) and go grab an big old Iced Coffee at my new favorite place - Dunkin Donuts. Resisting the donuts...and the muffins...because they are NOT something I should be eating. Right?

Have a good one!

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