Friday, May 23, 2008

Productive without doing anything.

This was the kind of day I can only hope will become more and more common.

A check arrived in the mail (yay!) for sales at one of the stores that carries Stuff for Sprouts.

Orders from the web site.

A not completely crushing status update on Sunscreen for Shady Kids.

Spent the afternoon helping at Field Day at the elementary school. Sprout's team won. I was (sort of) in charge of the egg/spoon race. Had to make sure everyone crossed the line, didn't drop the egg. Control freak heaven! If it only wasn't so COLD.

The only concerning thing was the statement from Social Security, basically confirming that I am far more valuable dead than alive (in a purely monetary sense). Mike reminded me that if I was dead, he would have to cook, and therefore he prefers me alive (awww...)

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend and that it feels nice and long and relaxing!

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