Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Family Business

My mom came over today and helped me with packing samples (Hi Mom!)

It was nice to have some company and some help. I like not having employees (and especially not having bosses and meetings!) But it is nice to have someone around to chat with. And a reason to take a shower and put real clothes on before noon.

Nothing profound about it. Just nice.

I signed up to do more gift baskets - this time sending products to Ellen, Oprah, Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show. I don't know if that is going to be more effective than pitching them directly - but a big basket-o-stuff ought to get their attention. And maybe they will be drawn in by the cuteness of Sprouticus and the wonderfulness that is Cream for Extra Crunchy Kids or Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers and give me a call.

A girl can dream.

Sprout had her spring concert this morning. She is playing the cello. She is only very slightly bigger than her cello. They sounded not at all bad, although she was sitting in a spot where only her wrist and the tip of her nose were visible. I have 20 minutes of video footage of her wrist and the tip of her nose. And her brother saying "Is it almost over?"

She wants to play the viola and the french horn and possibly the saxaphone next year. I told her she has to pick one and she didn't like that one bit. It is good to want a lot. It is hard to limit what you want (I get that - totally!) But it is also important not to quit the things you have already started. Although, maybe if there is something much better to do, quitting and cutting your losses isn't so bad. Redirecting energy v. quitting.

Project your issues on your kids much? Not me. Really. No.

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Petula Wright said...

I'm gonna look for you on Oprah. Don't give up!