Monday, June 23, 2008

The Funnest Newsletter Ever

Well, next to mine. I win. But this guy is second.

Help a Reporter Out

Several times a day you get an e-mail listing a bunch of things that reporters need help with. You HAVE to eventually be able to fit one of these descriptions. I am forwarding them to people I know as I see a fit for them.

Female Dentist 20-40 with two kids between 3-13 for a toothbrush commercial?? MELISSA!

Someone who can comment on wedding trends? JAMIE!!

Someone who was in a flexible work arrangement that went wrong?? ME!!

Someone who runs a windfarm?? Well, no one I know - but how fun!

Interesting to look through even if it doesn't ring any bells...and your name in lights (well, type) if it does! What could be funner than that??

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