Friday, June 13, 2008


I just for fun checked the Google results for "natural skin care for kids" and Stuff for Sprouts is 3 of the top 10 listings - including # 2 and 3!

I just re-arranged the Press Page to be prettier. Quite an impressive list of reviews I think.

So why is no one coming and buying things? Help me understand...

I also loaded the "Manifesto" of the Campaign to Conquer Crunchiness.

I am still brainstorming the big pitch for the "campaign". The idea is to do something big and attention-getting. To, well, get attention.

Some ideas (although costs play a role in some of these):

  • Send me products you have tried for persistent dry skin, that didn't work and I will send you something that will work.
  • Write to me about what you have tried and I will send you a sample and coupon.
  • A contest of some kind?
  • Any ideas out there in imaginary reader land? Something we could get attention for...something themed to "our version of No Child Left Behind"??

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