Thursday, June 12, 2008

Overly Optimistic?

Why is it that everything I do takes approximately 15% longer than I think it will?

So therefore I am constantly running late because I thought I could get things done in far less time than they actually, realistically would take.

I always underestimate drive time by at least 10 minutes. I never think the traffic will be bad (and somehow it always is).

I think it takes me a half-hour to shower and dress, I tell myself it is just a slow day when it takes 45 minutes. It is apparently always a slow day.

I think I will quickly check my e-mail for a few minutes. It always is at least 30 minutes before I can pry myself away.

If a vendor says something will take 4-6 weeks, I am hopeful that it will be 3 1/2.

When I mail things and they say it will take 3-5 days, I am thinking it could get there tomorrow.

Every night I am going to bed at 11. And then it is 12:30.

Today I was very proud of myself because I actually admitted that I could not go to yoga, get samples packed, put together a retail delivery, go to lunch with my friend, shop for teacher gifts, and get to school to pick Sprout up by 3.

However tomorrow I am thinking that I can drop the kids off at school, have coffee with my friend, walk on the treadmill, shower, work on my website and still be ready for lunch with my husband by noon.

It could happen.

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