Monday, June 23, 2008

Technology addicted?

I think we have pretty well documented my issues with my e-mail (which is still not fixed - a big fat pox on Comcast for dropping the ball and not getting back to me with the log-in information for my account, which is apparently the critical missing piece).

But I digress.

Today the keyboard on my phone stopped working. And I am a hard-core texter. (Well, I am not so much "hard core" anything, but I do like the texting!) My little flip-it-open-for-the-full-keyboard phone rebelled and would not work in full keyboard mode. And I was left texting on the number pad...666-6-4...what a PAIN!

I was all concerned about how brief and unfriendly I was being in my texting...I couldn't figure out punctuation...

Of course, Mike then says "So why didn't you just call on the phone?" As if!

And, as I was repeatedly pushing the little numbers to make letters, I thought "Hmmm...perhaps this is a sign that I should be getting a new phone!"


I have been totally lemming for a Palm Centro...the pink one is so very cute. My calendar and phone all in one. How efficient. Not to mention very very cute!

Or I could get a Crackberry! But NO, that would be a BAD idea because of my e-mail addiction....which is now managed (sort of) by the fact that even a laptop isn't THAT portable.

But if I had a Crackberry I could WORK anywhere!! (Right, work...that's what I would do with it!!) I would be SO productive! Stuff for Sprouts would take off. I'd be famous. And rich. And able to retire.

If only I had a new phone.

And my old one is all broken. It is a sign. I am meant to have a new phone! It is out of my control.

And then Mike turned my phone off. And when he turned it back on it worked.

DRAT. All my big plans out the window.

How can I possibly be so efficient and productive with my OLD phone? 9-8-3! Seriously.

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