Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Leaf

I changed around my schedule a bit today in an attempt to put more structure into my work time v. personal time. In an attempt to actually devote the time the kids were at camp to work, I got up at 7 AM (GASP!) and worked out and took a shower before I even got the kids up.

I know for many of you this sounds like no big deal, but my normal schedule it to roll out of bed around 8:15, throw on clothes, dress the kids, throw breakfast at them (in a very loving way) and whisk them off to camp. And then I figure out how to put myself back together and get the day started.

This was all OK when I had 6 to 8 hours to work with. Blowing one of them seemed like no big deal. But with only a 3-hour window of opportunity, it's been trouble.

So, despite the slight tangent of meeting my friend for coffee at 9:20 (don't even ask me about the water-day debacle that extended camp drop-off by more than 20 minutes - I earned that coffee break!), I spent the rest of the morning working. Packing up samples for some more blog reviews, an order, a package for the retail distribution consultant who is taking pity on me and taking a look at my marketing materials, and a shipment of products to my new, almost on-line fulfillment center.

And now it is nighttime and I am not working, well, I won't be after I finish this. Hmmm...a free half-hour, what to do...

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Brian said...

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