Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time is flying!

How can this child be graduating?

I mean, granted, he is graduating from Kindergarten, and the picture is a couple of years old. But he's my BABY!

Graduation is on Thursday, his 6th birthday is Thursday.
Six. Years.
I mean, really - how did THAT happen?

And in the car today he said "I can't believe I am going to be six! And then I'll be seven, and then eight..." (at this point I was OK, I have an 8-year-old, I know that is do-able),"...then nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen..." (a teenaged boy - yikes!), "...fourteen, fifteen, sixteen..." (driving age...I can't breathe), "...seventeen, eighteen..." (an to college -although he does say he always wants to live with me...but he's not quite 6, that could change),"... nineteen, twenty, twenty-one..." (PLEASE don't drink and drive), "... twenty-two (an employed adult...with his own apartment somewhere that isn't here), " ...twenty-three, twenty-four..." (I need to pull over...I can't quite see straight).

Somewhere around thirty his sister started to complain that he was interrupting her reading of Harry Potter. He made it to forty before he was forced to stop.

I told him I was glad he was planning to have a long, long life and that I hoped it would be a happy one. I asked how long he thought he would live - the answer: one hundred and twenty-one. Sounds like a plan.

I told him then I would have to take extra good care of myself so I could live to be 155 so we could hang out together. He thought that seemed like a stretch. Maybe. But I sure would like to see him hit 121!

But first graduation...and 6.

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