Monday, June 2, 2008

A long to-do list - DONE!

Today was a very productive day. I had an extensive to-do list and only didn't do one thing!

* Went for a walk in a great nearby neighborhood (Eagleview for anyone local). It is so cute, you just imaging everyone there is happy all the time with their picket fences, beautiful gardens and shady porches.
* Put together retail packages, samples and orders for Stuff for Sprouts
* Made three retail calls - unfortunately talked to zero people - but left messages.
* Signed up for the Y so we can swim this summer - Tater has been begging me to take him swimming. He thought maybe we could go tonight - but no.
* Purchased air filters for the house at Home Depot - we haven't replaced them in a year (oops!) and apparently they are some irregular size so this was the third attempt to get them and finally a success!
* Purchased allergy medicine at BJs. Pollen is killing us.
* Purchased T-shirt transfer paper at AC Moore to finish the T-shirts (which we are doing instead of favors - I know, scandalous!) for Tater's "friend" party on Saturday.
* Returned a book to Barnes & Noble - Did not purchase anything (wow!)
* Returned a "swimming shirt" to Target that would not fit over Tater's head. He has a huge head.
* Purchased new, larger-headed "swimming shirt"
* Made haircut appointment, sorely overdue
* Set up music lessons for the kids for the summer - Piano for Tater, Viola (?) for Sprout
* Mailed packages: Orders, samples, retailer information

I just have to pick up some pictures tomorrow...except now I realize I won't be here that's a bit of a complication since Sprout needs the pictures for a project at school on Wednesday. to make that happen??

I am going to Newark, NJ tomorrow for the "Make Mine a Million" Event. Should be interesting.

Hope all of you (imaginary) readers had a good and productive day, too!

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Anonymous said...

you'll have to let me know how that event goes tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

let me know how that event goes tomorrow!